Tuesday 29 June 2021

Stand-Alone Solar Power System

I've recently spent a couple of days installing and commissioning a small solar power system. I came across a post from a local resident who has a detached garden with quite a substantial garden building in it. She had been recommended a solar power system to provide lights and some power and had bought the parts. But there was nobody who knew how to make it work. I went round to have a look; the building was wired up but all the parts for the solar power were in the middle of the floor. It was a relatively simple job to install them all in the lean-to shed on the end of the building and make it work. That took a few hours, the rest of the time was spent helping to finish off the wiring in the building and making it all work as intended. I also helped the contractor on site to design a roof-mounted support structure which he will be installing.

It's a relatively simple system - about 420 Wp of PV connected in series, an MPPT controller, 260 Ah @ 12 V of battery and a 3 kW inverter. In my opinion it's a bit short of battery capacity, but if it needs more in the winter it's easy to add another 130 Ah monobloc.

Contact me if this is the kind of thing you need.